Abbot Peter re-elected

St. Peter’s Abbey held an abbatial election on October 27.  It was a first in that Abbot President John Klassen of St. John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota, presided over the election via Zoom.  Archbishop Don Bolan, an oblate of St. Peter’s Abbey, was present to assist in the election, which saw Fr. Peter Novecosky re-elected as abbot.  He had resigned upon reaching the age of 75 in April.  Also shown is Fr. Daniel Muyres who was secretary of the election process.

Happy anniversary

On August 12 Fr. Paul was joined by family and friends to celebrate the 14th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. Congratulations Fr. Paul!

Saskatoon berries plentiful

Picking this year’s crop of Saskatoon berries begins on July 22. Freda and Ardel Paproski came for the annual event, assisted by residents of St. Peter’s Abbey.  Abbey guest Joseph washes the berries before they get packaged and frozen.

Summer renovations

Renovations have begun to the foyer of the St. Peter’s College gym and arena. The new roof is being put on the flat roof and is expected to be completed in a month’s time.

Farewell celebration

The Muenster Parish had a farewell celebration for Fr. Paul on Sunday afternoon July 12 at St. Peter’s Abbey. Fr. Paul has been Pastor at the Muenster Parish for five years and is being replaced by Father Demetrius.

The celebration included a ride to the Parish for morning mass in a special convertible car and a come-and-go tea in the afternoon. The car was manufactured in 1963, the same year Fr. Paul was born.

Novice joins community

Robert Janiga, from the Toronto area, was invested as a novice with St. Peter’s Abbey on July 11. He was given the name Br. Denys and will make a year long novitiate. July 11 is the feast day of Saint Benedict, the patriarch of Western Europe.  

Last week of Advent

In the week before Christmas special “O” antiphons are used at Vespers. Each day celebrates a particular title of Jesus. Brother Basil shows Theo some symbols made by Sister Rita of the Ursulines of Bruno which were donated to the Abbey a few years ago

Donation of Haskap berries

Benedict Oblate Craig Larson made a donation of Haskap berries during his visit to the Abbey on Oct. 26. Receiving the berries gratefully are Abbot Peter, Br. Basil, and Fr. Demetrius. The berries will be made into jams and jellies which have become very popular.

Fr. Cosmas moves to Nova Scotia

Fr. Cosmas Epifano, right, agreed to become chaplain for Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Nova Scotia for a group of Augustinian contemplative nuns. He will live in a hermitage on their grounds. He left St. Peter’s Abbey Oct. 16 and is shown with Br. Basil.

95th birthday celebrations

Father Joe turned 95 on Sept. 20. He’s the oldest monk of Saint Peter’s Abbey. He had a double celebration, first at dinner with a group of friends at Prairie View Home in Bruno and at supper with the monks at Saint Peters Abbey.

Visit To Rosthern

Br. Luis Cruz, left, Br. Benedict Van Ginkel and Br. Denys Janiga, OSB visited the former train station in Rosthern where the first settlers arrived in 1903 to St. Peter’s Colony.
The first settlers arrived in 1903 by rail to Rosthern and traveled by foot or horse to their new homesteads some 100 kilometres away.
The train station is now an arts centre.

Trip to Batoche

Brs. Luis Cruz, OSB and Benedict Van Ginkel, right, visited Batoche National Historic Site on August 16.
Behind them is St. Antoine de Padoue Church.
Fr. Paul Paproski, OSB, taking the photo, accompanied them.

Mount Carmel Sunday July 21 2019

Scenes from Mount Carmel Sunday on July 21.

Bishop Mark Hagemoen joined the Benedictines for lunch after Mass, July 21, on Mount Carmel Sunday.
Bishop Mark was the celebrant for Mass.
St. Peter’s Abbey Oblate Annette Zawada gives some baking to Abbot Peter Novecosky, OSB and Bishop Mark.

Saskatoon Berries 2019

Joseph started picking the annual Saskatoon berry crop the afternoon of July 18. The berries look good and abundant this year.

Fr. Paul washes the berries and packages them for use in the winter.

New cook arrives

David Nguyen, in the blue shirt, and his family arrived July 18 and will be living at Saint Peter’s Abbey. David was a chef in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is the brother of Father Thuy, in white shirt, of the archdiocese or Regina.

Clergy Sports Day 2019

Abbot Peter Novecosky, OSB, and Bishop Mark Hagemoen of the Diocese of Saskatoon visit with Fr. Demetrius Wasylyniuk, OSB.
They were among the participants of the annual Knights of Columbus Clergy Sports Day.
Fr. Demetrius, guest master of St. Peter’s Abbey, helped facilitate the event.

Bishop Mark Hagemoen kicks the ball past Br. Denys Janiga, OSB at the Annual Knights of Columbus Clergy Sports Day.
The event was held July 15 and 16 at St. Peter’s Abbey.
Soccer was one of the popular activities.

Oblate Day July 13 2019

Abbot Peter Novecosky, OSB was the celebrant, July 13, at Oblate Day Mass.
Richard Leuschen, left, Kathy Tumback of Humboldt and Margaret Meckelborg of Muenster became Oblates.

Br. Denys Janiga, OSB gave a presentation, July 13, to the Oblates on St. Anselm.

General chapter group photo

Abbot Peter and Fr. Paul were among the abbots and delegates from 19 Abbeys attending the 53rd general chapter of the American Cassinese Congregation at St. Anselm’s Abbey in Manchester, New Hampshire. It was held June 15 to 21.

General chapter

Fr. Paul and Abbot Peter attended the general chapter of the American Cassinese congregation June 15 to 21. Abbots and delegates from 19 abbeys were present at St. Anselm‘s Abbey in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Beautiful rainfall

The Abbey and area received a beautiful gentle rain on June 15 that amounted to 3 inches. This will make the farmers and gardeners very happy. This was the first rainfall of this summer.

Vespers in Cemetery

The Benedictines of St. Peter’s Abbey celebrate Vespers, May 28, in the abbey cemetery.
The office is held in the cemetery, each year, on one day of the annual abbey retreat.
Abbot Primate Gregory Polan, OSB is the retreat master for 2019.

Kathy Tumback Farewell

St. Peter’s Abbey hosted a coffee social, May 23, for Kathy Tumback who is retiring as business office manager. Staff and friends of St. Peter’s Abbey and College attended.
Kathy has been employed in the abbey business office for 13 years.
Fr. Demetrius Wasylyniuk, OSB helps Kathy serve cake.