60th anniversary of ordination

The Peterson Parish honoured Fr. Joseph on his 60th anniversary of ordination at a
parish get together June 26. They presented him with a blanket containing pictures
of various parishioners. The Bruno Parish honoured Fr. Joseph on June 24. Fr. Joseph
served both parishes for 19 years and is now retired in Bruno.

Near the north pole

Abbot Peter visits one of the most northern towns in the Canadian North, Tuktoyuktuk
in the Northwest territories on June 7. Here he stands on the ice of the Beaufort
Sea and stands beside a marker for the Canada Trail which ends here.

Trip to the north

Abbot Peter accompanied Archbishop Bolen on a holiday to the north. After a visit in
Whitehorse, Yukon they traveled to the Northwest Territories. They crossed the
Arctic Circle on June 4 at 4:00 PM and 45 minutes later they crossed the border into
the Northwest territories.