Solidarity Sunday Symbols 2017

Brother Basil examines four symbols that were brought to the altar at Saint Peter’s
Abbey on April 2 Solidarity Sunday across Canada.

It includes a pitcher of water representing the water women collect every day in
Africa. A plant representing crops that are destroyed by hydroelectric dams. A
hardhat that represents women who work in construction; and a ballot that represents
the power women have gained in the political arena.

Ad limina visit 2017

Abbot Peter took part in the ad limina visit of the bishops of Western Canada March
25 to April 2. He is secretary of the western bishops region of Canada. They met
with Pope Francis on Monday, March 27

Lent 2017

A cactus around the Abbey altar replaced the plants on Ash Wednesday in order to remind the monks of the season of Lent, when Jesus spent 40 days in the desert.

Abbey weather man

Brother Pierre. records the weather twice a day at the Abbey. He prefers to do it when it is milder during the winter season rather than during the cold weeks. The Abbey has a tradition of recording the weather for more than 100 years.

Clergy BBQ

Prior Rudolph and Fr. Richard were among the clergy attending BIshop Bolan’s annual barbeque for clergy and parish workers. It was held July 13 at Holy Family Cathedral in Saskatoon.