Visitators visit St. Peter’s Abbey

Two monks from the United States visited St  Peter’s Abbey Nov. 11-14 to conduct a visitation. The visitors were Prior Bradley Jenniges of St. John’s Abbey (Minnesota), centre left, and Abbot Placid Solari of Belmont Abbey (North Carolina).  A visitation is a periodic examination of monastic life as lived at St. Peter’s. They discussed their report with the community on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 14.

Pray for the dead

November is the traditional month to pray for the dead. During the month the pictures of the deceased monks of Saint Peter’s Abbey are displayed in church. Fr. Paul and Fr. Joseph were the monks who died this past year.

Br. Denys at Saint John’s in Minnesota

Br. Denys arrived at Saint John’s Abbey on August 26 to study for the priesthood.  It is located in Collegeville, Minnesota. He is taking several classes at Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary, including New Testament, moral theology, and Christian history.  He is featured in the photo below with Fr. Michael Patella, the Rector of the Seminary.  Br. Denys says “hello” to his confreres and friends back in Saskatchewan, and cannot wait to see them at Christmas.