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January 2017
Jan 22-26 David Rybinsky 1p
Jan.. 27-29 STM- Newman Retreat 20p( begins breakfast on Saturday, ends lunch on Sunday)
February 2017
Feb.. 3-24 Sask Writers Retreat 10 p
Feb 13-14 Dave Margoshes 1p
Feb. 13-14 Dee Hobolessen 1p
Feb 15 Medieval Feast ???? supper
March 2017
Mar 11 State Board KC 90 p(lunch only)
Mar.18 Oblate Day 25p(lunch only)
Mar 23-27 Martha Baille 1p
Mar 23-26 Baille Workshop (college) 8 p?
Mar 24-26 Canadian Western EE Meeting 12p
April 2017
April 7-9 Knitters 24 p
April 14-16 Chatiegner Family 6p
April 21-23 Engage Encounter 22p ? ( begins breakfast on Saturday end lunch on Sunday)
April 27-30 A. Matten Wrting Group 6p( begins supper on Thursday, end lunch on Sunday
May 2017
May 5-7 Johnson Writers Retreat 6p
May 7-11 Monastic Retreat monks + 6
May 19-21 Buddhist RT-Losang 50p
May 24-June 5 Sask Stitches ????
June 9-11 Engage Encounter – Regina EE 24 p//
June 19-22 Eparchy of Saskatoon- Clergy RT 26p( begins supper on Monday ends lunch on Thursday)
June 30- July 28 Sask Writer Retreat 8p
July 8 Oblate Day 25 p (lunch)
July 10-15 Diocese of P APermenant Deacon RT- 15p
July 24-25 Priest Sports Day 50p
July 29-August 4 Children Writers 6p
Aug 7-11 Savage Divas 4p
Aug. 18-20 UNITY 2017 100p//
Aug 20-Sept 3 Anna Hergott Fabric Design 16p

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