Please leave this on the Bulletin Board Catering Function Sheet-
Please do not hesitate to call 682-1775 or email

Aug 23-25 CCF Francophone Writers 12p( begins supper Wednesday end lunch Saturday)
Aug 20-Sept 3 Anna Hergott Fabric Design 16p
August 27-28 Sask Library retreat 11p
(Supper Sunday to lunch Monday)
August 30-31 Sr. Alexis & Sr. Donna 2p
Sept 9 Engage Encounter Meeting 8 p( supper only)
Sept 22-24 People of Praise(Men) 14 p( begins breakfast Saturday, end lunch on Sunday)
Sept 22nd -24 Anglican Priest Workshop (Scholastica) 10p ( begins supper on Friday, ends lunch on Sunday
Sept 27th Lutheran Ecumencial Group 70 p (supper only)
Sept 29- Oct 1st Knitters 30p
Oct 5-8 Saskatoon Writers Group 5p(begins lunch on Thursday ends lunch on Sunday)
Oct 6-10 Fr. Richard’s 25 th Ann. Guests 10p??
Oct 13 -15 McClure United & Holy Spirit 30p( begins supper on Friday ends lunch on Sunday)
Oct 21 Oblate Day 25 p(lunch only)
Nov 6-9 Anglican Clergy Retreat 25 people
Nov. 9-12 Facilitated Writer Retreat 10p//


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