Abbot Peter Novecosky’s 25th Abbatial Anniversary


25TH ANNIVERSARY – Abbot Peter prepares to cut the cake, June 6, at the celebration marking his 25th anniversary as abbot of St. Peter’s Abbey. With him are his siblings: from left, Arnie Novecosky of Saskatoon; Freda Paproski of Hudson Bay; Emma Zubot of Burr; Edith Knaus of Tisdale; and Agnes Trotic of Delta, B.C. Two of his siblings are deceased: Irene Knaus and Leonard Novecosky.


ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION – More than 200 attended the 25th anniversary celebration of Abbot Peter Novecosky, OSB, June 6, as abbot of St. Peter’s Abbey. The emcee for the occasion, held at St. Peter’s Abbey, was Lawrence Novecosky of Regina, nephew and godchild of Abbot Peter. Sitting at the head table were: Prior Rudolph Novecosky, OSB; Arnie Novecosky of Saskatoon, brother of Abbot Peter; and Abbot Peter.


ARTIST – Dr. Z. Kondzielewski of Humboldt discusses his portrait of Abbot Peter Novecoksy, OSB. The portrait was unveiled at the 25th anniversary celebration of Abbot Peter, June 6, held at St. Peter’s Abbey.


ADDRESSES CROWD – Abbot Peter Novecosky, OSB addresses a crowd of more than 200, June 6, at his 25th anniversary celebration. Next to him is his portrait, painted by Dr. Z. Kondzielewski of Humboldt.