Wheelchair van

The Abbey has acquired a new wheelchair-accessible van.  It will make it easier for Fr. Paul to visit people and attend meetings.  Fr. Demetrius is shown here assisting him into the van for his upcoming trip.  

Benedictine veterans honoured

During the month of November, the Village of Muenster is honouring veterans who served in the war.  Among them are three Benedictine monks: Fr. Cosmas Krumplemann, who served in World War I; Fr. Al Herriges, who served as a Chaplain in World War II; and Fr. Joe Ackerman, who also served in World War II.  The banners are hanging around the village.

Abbot Peter re-elected

St. Peter’s Abbey held an abbatial election on October 27.  It was a first in that Abbot President John Klassen of St. John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota, presided over the election via Zoom.  Archbishop Don Bolan, an oblate of St. Peter’s Abbey, was present to assist in the election, which saw Fr. Peter Novecosky re-elected as abbot.  He had resigned upon reaching the age of 75 in April.  Also shown is Fr. Daniel Muyres who was secretary of the election process.