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    What St. Benedict wants us to read most faithfully is sacred scripture. Followers of St. Benedict reflect upon the scriptures frequently. Oblates, of course, work in their own homes or in the business world, but wherever we work and whatever kind of work we do, St. Benedict teaches us about the dignity of labour. A person’s affiliation with a Benedictine community begins when he or she is given a copy of The Holy Rule to study and a medal of St. Benedict. A year after this ceremony takes place, oblation is made. Oblates do not take upon themselves any of the canonical obligations that monks and nuns do. Oblates do not profess vows. Nevertheless, becoming an oblate is something that should not be done without serious consideration. This is why a whole year passes before the ceremony of oblation occurs.

If you are interested in becoming an oblate of our community:

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Crest of the Oblates of St. Benedict of St. Peter's Abbey, Muenster, SK, Canada, SOK-2Y0

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