Pastoral Ministry

Since the founding of St. Peter’s Abbey to minister to the German Catholic settlers of St. Peter’s Colony, the priest monks of St. Peter’s Abbey have been involved extensively in parochial and chaplaincy ministries.  Currently the majority of priests of St. Peter’s hold full or part time positions as pastors/chaplains in and around the Humboldt area and as far away as Saskatoon.  For more information about the pastoral assignments of our clergy please refer to the Diocese of Saskatoon’s Clergy List.

The monks of St. Peter’s Abbey are committed to the protection and well-being of all to whom they minister, especially the young and vulnerable of our Diocese, Parishes and College. Therefore the Abbey adheres to and promotes the Diocese of Saskatoon’s Covenant of Care policy.  For more information please refer to the Diocese’s Sexual Abuse & Misconduct Protocol.


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